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NEW Mindfulness Collection + FREE Backpack

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Clear Minds, Clean Hands— meet The OLIKA Mindfulness Collection, created to bring moments of tranquility to your daily ritual.

Our new formula includes hyaluronic acid — the long-time love of face care products— to provide ultra hydration, and reishi mushroom — an adaptogen-rich destressor, working together to quench dry and stressed hands while effectively eliminating germs. 

This NEW Mindfulness Collection includes:

  • Clarity Clip-On x 1
  • Jasmine Sage Clip-On  x  1
  • Sandalwood Clip-On x 1
  • Clarity Refill x 1
  • Jasmine Sage Refill x 1
  • Sandalwood Refill x 1
  • Free gift: Backpack x 1 (The colour is random.)