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Made OLIKA Clean is our commitment to transparency in creating products that are safe for people and our planet. It’s through this approach that we create hygiene products that are clean, safe, effective, sustainable + fun to use.


We focus on what’s in our products by putting science first.

We use only skin-enhancing, performance ingredients with proven skin biocompatibility, which means our ingredients are compatible with your skin without being harmful or toxic to humans and the planet. Simply put, our products work and are good for your skin.

Our hero ingredients make up over 98% of our formula.

OLIKA formulas contain safe and eco-friendly ingredients that are proven effective. Our hero ingredients are: Biobased Denatured Ethanol, Alcohol, Decolorized Whole Leaf Extract Aloe-Vera, Glycerin, Water and Hyaluronic Acid

We understand origin does not guarantee safety.

Natural doesn’t always mean safe - Our products and ingredients go through rigorous safety screenings by board certified toxicologists.

We value high ethical standards and transparency.

From farm to skin, you can expect full transparency when it comes to our formulations and packaging.

We reject harmful chemicals…

We have an extensive restricted substances list (RSL) including phthalates, parabens, DEA & PEG compounds, siloxanes, formaldehyde, mercury, PFA’s acrylamides and dyes.

…Which is why we’ve created a spray rather than a gel.

The DNA of a spray vs gel hand sanitizer is different. Gel hand sanitizers often use thickening agents to create consistency – or that sticky, gross feeling we’re all familiar with. Some gel sanitizers use a powder called carbomer as a thickening agent; carcinogenic benzene is an impurity often found in these carbomers. Benzene is classified as a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) ingredient on par with asbestos. The benzene in hand sanitizer is often an impurity that comes from the thickening agent or petroleum sourced alcohol used to kill germs. With our spray, we avoid these agents, resulting in a formula that’s healthy for your skin.

We prioritize being eco-friendly.

We focus on sustainable packaging, carbon footprint reduction + biodiversity farming protection. Plus, our formulas + their ingredients are cruelty-free, NON-GMO + vegan.