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August 24, 2020 3 min read

In a nutshell, what’s OLIKA?
OLIKA (pronounced “oo-lee-kah”) is a clean wellness company dedicated to designing products that are not only beautiful, nature-inspired and ergonomic, but made with the purest, most effective ingredients.
Alastair Dorward

Tell us about the journey to the new OLIKA
OLIKA has been disrupting the hand sanitizer industry with a better-for-you alternative to harsh, chemical-based gel options. We launched two product lines between 2017 and 2018 with an eye-catching bird-like design and a soothing, effective hand sanitizer formulation. The first collections married form and function while bringing innovation to an area that was long overdue for a stylish upgrade.

In 2020, OLIKA took the relentless focus on form and function a step further with the introduction of three new refillable and recyclable hand sanitizer forms of its signature hydrating hand sanitizer and six brand new essential oil fragrances.

How has COVID-19 impacted how people use hand sanitizer?
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were few heavy users of hand sanitizer, and household penetration was estimated to be less than 20%. Heavy users of hand sanitizer often only included the parents of sick children, public transit riders, ultra-hygiene users and health care professionals. Since COVID-19, hand sanitizer is now used by everyone, everyday, everywhere. The landscape of hand hygiene products has drastically changed since the outbreak. According to global outlook reports, the average demand for hand sanitizer has witnessed a phenomenal rise of more than 600% during 2020. Furthermore, people are adopting new daily habits with household penetration of hand sanitizer expected to reach 80% or higher.

The adoption rate of hand sanitizers among end-users worldwide has been undoubtedly impressive. However, there has lacked an innovative, hydrating, portable and refillable option that fit into the lifestyle we now lead as clean wellness enthusiasts.

Recently, people have shifted from panic buying and mass adoption to full integration of hand sanitizer into their daily lifestyle for protection, reassurance and safety. Yet, many are still searching for the best way to integrate effective hand sanitizer into their daily lifestyles to protect themselves and their family as they get back to normal, safely. We face a number of challenges in full adoption of daily hand sanitizer use. Traditional models are sticky, often dry out hands and are laden with harsh chemicals and smells.

How is OLIKA handling all these changes?
OLIKA answers the frustrations of the current hand sanitizer landscape while making hand hygiene both easy & fun to use with beautiful design, an assortment of color selections and a collection of natural essential oil hand sanitizer fragrances. OLIKA is now uniquely positioned to integrate into your daily lifestyle. We reimagined clean hand sanitizer through the collision of clean, skin health driven efficacy, sensorial better for you experiences and chic design.The biggest point of differentiation? OLIKA is the first daily essential that allows for self expression and emotional connection – something medicinal products do not offer.

OLIKA brings joy into your daily moments and radically innovates with the only hydrating hand sanitizer on the market that:
  • Contains 65% ethyl alcohol which kills 99% of germs (within CDC guidelines)
  • Offers innovative, ergonomic packaging designed for daily use
  • Provides a unique user experience with effective hand misting
  • Has a clean formula and lasting hydration for the skin
  • Is refillable and sustainable with NO single use plastic

What is your vision for OLIKA?
OLIKA is a young but mighty company set on leading the industry forward. What we do know: we’re lovers of design and fragrances, we’re deeply committed to sustainability and we use only the cleanest, purest and most effective ingredients while setting the highest possible bar for personal care.

From nature-inspired design, to a dedication to transparency and sustainability, OLIKA is obsessed with crafting effective and natural hand sanitizers that bring a bit of delight to your everyday life while giving you the results they need. We are infusing joy into every day experiences, including hand sanitization.

OLIKA is also eliminating single-use plastic for packaging with a refillable hand sanitizer form alternative that is also recyclable. We completely reformulated the traditionally harsh, chemical-laden hand sanitizer formulations. Now you can enjoy an alternative that is a cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan hand sanitizer and hydrates the skin with aloe vera and pure essential oils.

In 2020, we are paying attention to traceability and understanding how ingredients are sourced, processed and incorporated throughout the manufacturing process. OLIKA is on the frontlines of innovation and hopes to leave hand sanitizers better than how it was found.

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