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July 16, 2020 3 min read

Our world has changed drastically in the last six months, and people are more aware than ever of the need for clean hands. However, with more hand washing and sanitizing, your poor hands might be desperate for a drink. Tons of daily hand washing can really do a number on your skin, and it’s important to give your hands as much love as any other body part (if not more). Dry hands are uncomfortable — for you and those you wish to touch! Dry hands are also much more prone to cracking, which can let bacteria and all sorts of other nasties in. We like the idea of “squeaky clean,” but “squeaky” will absolutely not do for your precious hands — sanitation is more important than it’s ever been, but all those harsh hand sanitizers and alcohol gels will have a seriously negative effect over time.

And to keep your hands looking & feeling beautiful…
  • Moisturized hands keep your at-home manicure in tip-top shape! Dry hands result in those awful little hangnails and shredded cuticles, and in general wreak complete and utter havoc on your manicure.
  • Moisturized hands are youthful hands. Hands are among the first body parts that show signs of aging, and we really can’t have that now can we, darling? Your hands deserve so much better.

It’s super important to keep your hands clean, moisturized and supple — here’s our best advice for making sure your hands stay in their best shape. Make these tips part of your daily hand care routine to keep your mitts moisturized and happy!

hands with hand sanitizers

Take a good, hard look at the hand soap your household is using
Back in the day, soap was made with animal and vegetable oils, which was a lovely way to counteract the drying effect of cleansers. Today, however, some soaps have gone a bit overboard and zap the moisturize from the natural oils in your skin. Find a soap that strikes the right balance between cleansing and moisturizing — many formulations now include skin softeners. If like most of us, you and your loved ones are washing your hands for what seems like hundreds of times per day (a good thing, in our opinion), your soap will have a serious effect on hand moisture levels. Loads of soaps now include hydrating ingredients like aloe, glycerin, oils, shea butter, and more — do some research and find what works best for your crew.

Always make sure lotion lives right next to your soap
In your bathroom, at the kitchen sink, wherever you wash your hands — a rich moisturizer should always live right beside your soap. Soap and lotion are the superpower duo that keep your hands clean and soft! This is especially true for the time we’re living in, when most everyone is washing their hands more. Make a good-quality, moisturizing hand lotion the chaser to every instance of handwashing.

Pack hydrating hand sanitizers in every bag and pocket (of course!)
Many commercial hand sanitizers are so strong they’ll essentially pickle your skin — skip the drying versions for a moisturizing, hydrating formula that protects just as well as the harsh stuff. OLIKA’s hydrating hand sanitizer spray is super-effective and comes enriched with aloe and essential oils to keep your hands supple, soft, and totally sanitized. There’s not always time to moisturize when you’re on the go — and now that being sanitized is more important than ever, it’s time to stock up on a handbag essential that’s got you covered and is a delight to use. Click here to check out our OLIKA collections to find your perfect fit.

Put those kitchen gloves to good use
If you’re someone who’s regularly washing dishes but has never used kitchen gloves, now’s the time to hop on the bandwagon. Subjecting your hands to all that hot water and soap has a seriously drying effect, and while kitchen gloves might seem overly futzy, we promise they’re worth more than their weight in gold. The first time you finish up dishes and walk out of the kitchen with smooth, supple hands, you’ll instantly become a convert.

Apply a thick, intensive moisturizer at nighttime
Lots of handwashing is tough on your skin — you’re definitely going to want to give your mitts a bit of extra-hydrating love overnight.

Nighttime is when your skin (and body, mind, spirit, the list goes on) revives and replenishes itself. It’s also likely the only time in your day in which you aren’t washing or sanitizing your hands with antibacterial hand gel every other second, so help your hands soak up all the extra moisture they can with a super-thick, ultra-hydrating hand cream — or even foot cream, which is made even thicker to soften the generally rougher skin. We’ve even been known to slather our hands in a thick balm and sleep in gloves overnight! You’ll wake up a totally new person.

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